3D printed luggage is sent over email, printed at destination

The digitisation of everything is happening. It started out with music and movies – who even has hard copies of their media anymore?! – and now it’s moving to our physical possessions, thanks to 3D printing.

Finnish designer Janne Kyttanen wants us to think about a world where our possessions are merely digital files and can be reproduced at any location. Traveling might actually be enjoyable. Imagine no more hassles with luggage, like being over your allowance or having the airline lose it. Imagine packing being as simple as clicking on the items you want and hitting send.

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This particular example by Janne, called “Lost Luggage,”┬áincludes a Le69 Handbag, a 4-in-1 dress, a pair of shoes, and accessories such as the St. Tropez Cuff, driving gloves, sunglasses among others.

“If products and design are distributed in the same way that images and music travel through the internet today,” says Janne in the video, “how would our perception of those objects change? Will democratisation of manufacturing eliminate the need for mass production, bringing production closer and closer to the consumer, regardless of their location and economic status.”

One thing to think about that is notably absent in the project’s details is what happens to those items once they are no longer being used and the traveler has left. Are they recycled? Melted down and used again? Let’s hope so.

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