iOS 8 could get a Shazam-like addition to Siri

Two of the three major mobile platforms offer song recognition in their personal assistants, and iOS 8 could add a Shazam-like feature to Siri.

Windows Phone 7 was given the feature post-release, and it has carried over to Windows Phone 8 and Cortana. Android’s Google Now was given a “what’s this song” addition in all devices running Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and above. But, although there are a myriad of music fingerprinting/identification apps on the App Store, Apple’s Siri is notably unable to recognise songs. 

Adam Satariano, Bloomberg, recently cited two anonymous industry insiders, saying, “The company is planning to unveil a song-discovery feature in an update of its iOS mobile software that will let users identify a song and its artist using an iPhone or iPad.”

He added, “Apple is working with Shazam Entertainment Ltd., whose technology can quickly spot what’s playing by collecting sound from a phone’s microphone and matching it against a song database.”

There’s been speculation around why Shazam would work with Apple in embedding their service in Siri. A logical explanation, coming from Greg Kumparak at TechCrunch, is that Shazam might seek to create an ever-present revenue stream by becoming part of the iOS platform by charging Apple a few cents every time a song is purchased from iTunes as a result of Siri’s discovery.

It seems as if Shazam has followed the proverb, “if you can’t beat them, join them.” No complaints here!

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