Money can buy happiness, if you spend it right

Maybe money can’t buy happiness per se, but spending it has been shown to induce a short-lived bout of euphoria. Happify, a startup that aims to help people enjoy life more, released an infographic showing the relationship between good feelings and money.

They’ve emphasised that spending on experiences rather than items has the longest-lasting effect. They’ve also shown that the perceived quality or prestige of what you’ve spend your dollars on doesn’t significantly influence how happy it makes you. For example, buying an expensive car versus a moderately-priced car won’t make you happier long term. Similarly, buying a house rather than renting doesn’t add much long term happiness to the purchaser.

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So yes, going on a mini shopping spree does make you happy short term (ladies, am I right?!), but spending on a vacation or a meal out with a loved one makes for a more long-lasting feeling of happiness.

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