How much do the leading tech companies make per second?

We always knew that the world’s biggest tech companies make a lot of money, but we never knew it was this much.

WorldPayZinc recently created a bit of buzz around its brand after it unveiled a website that creates real-time visualisations of how much the Silicon Valley giants and their international competitors are making. In just 1 second, Apple had made $1,997 in profit with a revenue of $9,213. Samsung beat that with $11,588 in revenue and $1,540 in profit, while Microsoft made $4,197 in revenue and $1,179 in profit.

Go see it for yourself by clicking the image below. After a minute, you start wishing you had been a tech entrepreneur in the 70’s. There’s some relatively recent companies on there too, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Click image to open interactive version (via WorldPay Zinc).

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