NZE Services: a creative digital agency for startups

On Friday, May 2, NZ Entrepreneurs launched a creative digital agency for startups, called NZE Services. Our goal here at NZE has always been to provide future and current entrepreneurs with the information and inspiration they need to thrive, and with NZE Services, we are aiming to broaden that offering.

Put simply, NZE Services is a creative digital agency that offers essential services to small and growing companies.

For the last few weeks, Jose Mathias, manager of NZE Services, has been having conversations with various skilled startup entrepreneurs and businesspeople who share his addiction for startup culture. Many of these people have been recruited as consultants and associates to the NZE Services team.

What makes the company special, is that everyone involved in NZE Services is required to be involved with a startup, so that they know and understand what startups need and how they work.

Jose says that NZE Services will start out by offering 5 main categories of services. Those 5 groups are PR, web development and strategy, accounting, consulting, and recruitment. There are experienced people in each of those 5 fields who will walk the business owner/startup entrepreneur through the entire process, and if you contact NZE Services, you will receive a response within 1 hour during business days, or 12 hours during non-business days.

“If you look at our website,” Jose said, “you’ll see that most of the time our services start with a conversation. We really want to know what you do and what you need us to do before we even quote you.

“I strongly dislike the idea of people offering a fixed price per project, because, although it may be faster that way, no two companies are ever the same, and thus their solutions are not interchangeable.”

Jose was inspired to start NZE when he was going through the early days of his first startup, Mach Media NZ. He began asking people how they had become successful, and then realised that, if he was finding this information useful, other people would as well.

NZE Services has been started in a similar way. Jose and the team asked themselves what services they were using when they were building their startups, what they would have or should have used, and in what way they could improve the experiences they had.

Each service on the website is an answer to one of those questions.

In terms of pricing, Jose says that NZE Services will endeavour to meet startups’ needs at an affordable price. Some startups who have passed through the program, like Maternity Leaf, have paid for services with a small percentage of equity rather than with a cash payment.

“At the end of the day,” Jose says, “it’s about what works for you and your startup. Our goal is to see your business thrive, and emptying out your bank account is certainly not going to do that.”

In the future, Jose wants NZE Services to perhaps develop an accelerator/incubator programme, where startups can move their entire company into an ecosystem that’s filled with other like-minded individuals.

“We’re doing things a bit backwards, but I think that’s almost an advantage,” he said. “We’ve gone from writing about startups, to working with them, and in the future, we hope to work directly alongside them.”

Check out the site, and tell us what you think! We always appreciate feedback.

DISCLAIMER: NZE Services is wholly owned by NZE’s parent company, Mach Media NZ. This author, and any individuals part of the NZE Services team are employees of Mach Media NZ.


  1. Well done Jose & your team. All the best, you have loads of passion for what you do and I am sure you will do well for the businesses you come into contact with.

    1. Jose Mathias says:

      Thank you Stephanie! Means a lot 🙂

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