Watch Silicon Valley S1S4 “Fiduciary Duties”

It’s Tuesday!! That means it’s Silicon Valley time on NZE. We’re already up to the fourth episode, and this one’s a good one because it covers a situation most of us can relate to.

Spoilers below the video.


Have you ever gotten drunk and promised your business partner something you shouldn’t have? Well you’re not alone. In this episode, Richard gets drunk at Peter Gregory’s toga party, and says that Erlich can be on the board of Pied Piper. Richard doesn’t want Erlich on the board, because Erlich and Peter Gregory can vote him out, Steve Jobs style.

After Richard can’t work out what exactly he does, Erlich comes through with a made-up-on-the-spot rant which perfectly describes the vision in Richard’s head. Erlich is awarded the position.

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