Meet Rachel Sinclair, creator of #NZbloggers

Rachel Sinclair, a 20 year old student at Victoria University, has created a public conversation group for bloggers called #NZbloggers.

The young Wellington native and avid boy-band fan began blogging in February 2013 after having spent a few months reading and following lifestyle, food, fashion and craft blogs.

After some deliberation about whether or not she wanted to rise to the challenge, Rachel started posting recipes, lifestyle anecdotes, her online shopping purchases and whatever else she thought was worthy of sharing online to her blog, Rachel Is Elsewhere.

“I’m drawn to the creative side of blogging; creating content and taking photos to share really appeals to me,” Rachel said in an email. “Taking photos for my posts is my favourite part of the process; it gives me a great excuse to stretch my very limited knowledge of photography and try out new techniques.

“I like being able to share and curate things I find interesting and create an online scrapbook.”

Creating the #NZbloggers network was natural progression for Rachel. The blogging community is very supportive of each other, and Rachel found the Twitter chats she was participating in to be an invaluable source of information.

“Unfortunately for me,” Rachel said, “nearly every single one of the chats I followed is run from the UK, meaning they happen when it’s convenient for the Brits.”

“The basic idea behind starting the #NZbloggers weekly chat was to provide a space for discussion at a time that better suited Kiwis. As it turns out, we have more in common than a shared time zone! The passion and drive behind our blogs is largely similar, as are our attitudes to the practice.”

In these chats, bloggers are able to discuss photography, comments and posting schedules with other people who ‘get’ it.

“I think the most important part is that there’s so much to learn from other bloggers,” Rachel added. “They’ve experienced a lot of things I haven’t and their opinions are so valuable. They talk of brilliant techniques, technology and ideas I never would have thought of, which pushes me to think outside the box.”

Rachel is currently a third year student studying towards a Bachelor of Arts, with a major in Sociology, and minors in Media Studies and Education Psychology. She says that she usually fills up her spare moments with blog-related business; answering emails while she waits for the bus, and drafting topics and questions for upcoming chats between classes.

Rachel tells us there’s talk of a potential nationwide meet up later this year, which she sees as an amazing way to take #NZbloggers offline and into the real world.

“I’d also like to put the focus more on the community and the circulation of ideas by having guest hosts and question sessions during the Twitter chats. Everyone has something to offer, be it experience in the industry or a deeper knowledge about web design or even personal stories about what worked best for them.

“Oh, and for more people to join in the weekly chats! The more people who contribute, the greater the discussions and material we can all learn from.”

You can join the weekly chats on Twitter using the hashtag #NZbloggers on Sunday nights from 8PM to 9 PM.

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