2014 Demo Day startup profiles: Cloud Cannon

Cloud Cannon simplifies the way web designers deploy, host and maintain websites. They allow complete control over their designs, while giving their own clients the ability to edit content freely.

Founders Mike Neumegen and George Phillips, both computer scientists, say the idea came from their own pain of making websites for local businesses in exchange for a bit of cash. “We ended up saying, ‘right, we’re going to build something to make this process easier,’” Neumegen says. 

The duo made the move to Wellington from Dunedin to enter the Lightning Lab accelerator programme. The company already has a steady following, with over 1700 worldwide users.

“You become engulfed in it,” says Neumegen. “Start-up is brutal and you dedicate your whole life to it.” 

A cut above template-based web build products, Cloud Cannon is all about serving the creators of unique designs which are going to stand out. “We offer the simplicity for web designers to have these hand-crafted websites without the complexity.”

A month of “trying to make it happen” in San Francisco on Kiwi Landing Pad’s KLP8 programme earned Cloud Cannon the knowledge and confidence it is sparking interest in one of the most tech-saturated places in the world. Neumegen secured meetings at Google, Facebook and DropBox while there, identifying the next stop on Cloud Cannon’s journey to the top.  

To learn more about Lightning Lab’s Demo Day and see other startups involved in the programme, go here.

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