2014 Demo Day startup profiles: CoachSeek

CoachSeek is the ultimate management software for sports coaches to streamline their programme through one easy, interactive dashboard.

“We found a lot of coaches are incredibly busy and the management side of their business is generally poor- they’re using Excel and paper to plan their whole week,” says founder Ian Bishop. “The idea is that when the coach logs in, you’ve got a whole health check of your business right in front of you.”

Ian has been a director of coaching for 15 years. With a client base of more than five hundred people, he understands and appreciates smarter client and performance data management. Also on board is sales and IT specialist Shaun Fitzmaurice and Matthew Skilton, a former professional tennis umpire with over ten years experience at creating web-based applications. 

CoachSeek users are provided with client details, statistics on their finances, daily planners and more- making the next generation of coaches’ lives much easier. 

Launching in May 2014, CoachSeek already has 120 users in 19 countries and official endorsements from Golf New Zealand, Tennis New Zealand and Auckland Basketball

Bishop says CoachSeek sets itself apart from competitors as the first to directly target coaches, not consumers. “Aside from the common application of managing scheduling, we’re helping coaches monitor performance so they can make more data-driven coaching decisions.” 

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