2014 Demo Day startup profiles: Cogo Digital

Cogo Digital is a knowledge management platform aiming to empower the corporate world through better access and awareness of the information they already possess.

Two musicians, a designer and a squash player are the team behind a tool aiming to revolutionise knowledge retention and allow employers to see exactly where the expertise lies within their organisation. 

Cogo Digital integrates existing management tools and productivity software for improved workflow and efficiency in the workplace. “There’s a huge focus on social collaboration,” says co-founder and CTO Marcelo Hudson. “We are about connecting people across an organisation based on the knowledge they require and the knowledge they can give to someone else.” Cogo Digital’s edge is improving the efficiency of information but also capture of collective knowledge as a whole organisational asset. 

Cogo Digital morphed from a sector specific product to the wider remit of knowledge management after coming into Lightning Lab, marketing head Hannah Faesenkloet says. “We like to find information quickly and effectively. The things that we want to know, we like them to be summed up quite well so we don’t have to spend a lot of time researching,” she says. 

Their vision is to be the tool fast-growing companies use to handle their knowledge and work efficiently using tools such as knowledge mapping and crowd sourcing. 

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