2014 Demo Day startup profiles: Mish Guru

Mish Guru turns Snapchat into a tool for businesses. The web application layers an interactive toolkit over the hugely popular social network, providing the ability to engage directly with customers through video and photo sharing over Snapchat and maximize their use of the channel with tailored analytics.

Globally big brands are adding Snapchat to their suite of promotional channels and Mish Guru is the first to scale the concept down so “the shop down the road” can get involved, says co-founder Tom Harding. 

Mishguru will work in conjunction with tech-giant Snapchat providing visibility over interactivity so businesses can build smart strategies to publish material such as discount codes and sneak-peeks of products at the tap of a screen.

Inspired by start-up queen Victoria Ransom and her tech venture Wildfire, their starting blocks are well behind them after 10 weeks in Lightning Lab. “We’ve had enough traction in the last couple of weeks to show there is something in it,” tech co-founder Ashok Fernandez says. “From here our challenge is to build Mish Guru into something people are jumping out of their seats for, saying, ‘when can I buy this?”.

To learn more about Lightning Lab’s Demo Day and see other startups involved in the programme, go here.

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