2014 Demo Day startup profiles: Twingl

Online educational tool Twingl enables students and teachers to build a cloud-based portfolio of resources by collating all their online information in one place. Mapping these pathways is a critical step in capturing knowledge in group environments.

Twingl is a suite of unique tools which offer insight into online learning and research behaviours, able to be owned by the user or viewed across a group.

Founding CEO Andy Wilkinson says in a learning environment Twingl can highlight who is struggling and who can help whom. “If 90% of the students are stopping at Wikipedia and 10% are going really deep, visibility of this can drive how the teacher personalises the learning.”  

Six thousand schools worldwide are now using Chromebooks, making this focus on technology within schools an exciting market to explore. Wilkinson says while Twingl has potential for widespread application, education is their first target sector because of the opportunity worldwide for Twingl to improve classroom outcomes. 

To learn more about Lightning Lab’s Demo Day and see other startups involved in the programme, go here.

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