2014 Demo Day startup profiles: WaterGenie

WaterGenie is a cloud-connected smart meter for measuring and predicting tank water supplies. One million Kiwis collect rainwater for their homes, making New Zealand the perfect launch market for combating water consumption.

“The value in what we’re doing is connecting your water to the web and connecting you to your water,” says founder Keoni Mahelona. This is executed using a solar battery powered ultrasound sensor that measures the level in the tank. “If you’re playing the game where you’re running low on water, we can give you accurate estimates so you can act accordingly.”

Mahelona has a heavy background in water research and acknowledges the 1.2 billion people who don’t have access to safe drinking water as a serious global issue, and something they can have an impact on. 

WaterGenie offers more than current level indicators on the market; promising a monthly service keeps customers happy and acts as an on-going revenue stream, Mahelona says. “You can climb in your tank or knock on the side. That’ll tell you how much water you have, but it won’t tell you how many days of water you have left, where your waters going or what you can do to change.” 

As the only hardware-based company in Lightning Lab, Mahelona says they have every bit the aspiration of the purely digital teams. “Hardware is now at that place where you can iterate it very quickly in the same amount of time as software. We’re going to be the smart water platform for everyone.”

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