Watch Silicon Valley Episode 7 “Proof of Concept”

If you’re new to NZE, Silicon Valley is a thing we do every week on Tuesday nights at 7 PM. Unfortunately, that tradition might be cut short due to next week’s episode being the season finale! Spoilers below the video. Enjoy!



Episode Summary (contains spoilers)

In this episode, the Pied Piper team sets up at TechCrunch Disrupt.

READ: NZ’s version of TechCrunch Disrupt, Lightning Lab Demo Day, is tomorrow, Wednesday 28th May 2014.

The product is hardly ready, as compared to hooli’s Nucleus. On top of that, Erlich is up to his usual antics. This time, he sleeps with one of the judge’s ex-wives, and then goes on to sleep with his current wife. It’s one of those episodes that are better watched than explained.

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