Kev the Kiwi game raises funds to give kids tablets

A new smartphone app called Kev the Kiwi has launched as a fundraising vehicle for the Digital Office, a non-profit organisation that promotes efficiency through digital initiatives. The app, developed by Stuart Dillon-Roberts, General Manager at Digital Office, aims to help bring technology into the hands of New Zealand kids.

Kev the Kiwi sees the loveable character ‘Kev’ travelling across New Zealand, completing a range of challenges in order to prove he’s ready to be the next Prime Minister of New Zealand.  It’s packed with iconic New Zealand activities and locations, from bungy jumping in Queenstown to climbing Mt Cook.

The app was created to help fund the use of digital technology in school classrooms, and raises money in two ways. The free version is monetised through mobile ads, while the paid version, which costs $2.99 NZD, does not display ads, and may help parents feel more comfortable about allowing their younger children use the app.

“All proceeds will help fund our tablets in schools scheme.” Stuart says.  “We also hope that children will enjoying playing the game”.

Tablets in Schools’ was established by the Digital Office to provide support for schools that want to expose their children to tablets, but don’t have the resources, skills or money to make it happen.  New or used tablets are donated, and volunteer ‘Digital Ambassadors’ assist teachers and children to understand the technology, maximising its use in the classroom.

To bring this scheme to more schools the Digital Office relies on community support.  The Office hopes ‘Kev The Kiwi’ will draw attention to the cause, and provide much needed funding.

“We went to the council,” Stuart says, “and they suggested raffles and sausage sizzles. Now we’ve created this, and I think it’s a better way to raise funds for some good community projects.”

Stuart says he sees it as a friendly method of asking people to reach into their pockets, both in a literal and figurative way, and show support for initiatives that will benefit all members of their community.

So far the app has been successful. According to Stuart, Kev the Kiwi received 80 downloads on the day it was released onto the App Store, 22 May 2014.

This is an original fundraising concept, with no similar projects being created specifically to raise funds soley for non-profit or charity organisations.

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