Stamplay: Make your next MVP for free with no dev experience

Building an MVP is almost always a necessary first step before startups receive investment. It can be costly, and many entrepreneurs don’t have development experience.

Stamplay, described as “IFTTT for web apps,” aims to make it easy for anyone to build a basic web app, which can then be used to demonstrate a concept or serve as an MVP (minimum viable product.)

Although users have to understand the app’s basic work flow, a fairly sophisticated web app can be created within 5 minutes. Users first select and configure modules, then combine them using rules and triggers. Finally, users can configure the front end design, and send a link to the web app off to investors, early employees, or other interested third parties.

Knowing HTML and basic CSS is recommended, as the front end is custom-designed by the user, and some modules can be created using simple development languages.

Stamplay is free to use if you’re OK with having a domain for your app, and a limitation to 30 users. For $21 / month, you can host the app on your own domain, have 1,500 users, and make 150,000 api calls.

The London-based startup recently went through Seedcamp, and they have so far raised $203,000 USD ($233,000 NZD ) in seed funding.

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