One week left to apply to free LIFEHACK Labs pre-accelerator

LIFEHACK Labs, the country’s only pre-accelerator, is now launching its most concerted campaign to date to unlock New Zealand’s unique creative potential, hidden in talented but disillusioned students and employees.

Chelsea Robinson, LIFEHACK Lab’s 22 year old co-leader, describes it as “a life-changing springboard that you climb yourself, but you jump off with an ambitious team and together make a bigger splash than you ever could alone.”

The programme consists of a five week intensive course, which co-leader Sam Rye says “contains the equivalent of three years of experience boiled down to a five week period.” This will be facilitated through individualised personal mentors who specialise in a range of key areas where budding entrepreneurs often stumble.

The barrier of entry is being completely removed, says Sam Rye, as the 20 candidates will receive free accommodation in Wellington.

When they are accepted, these young New Zealanders will be given a fresh outlook on life and career by being taught the essential skills they may lack when building their own startups. The underlying message is that you can do good, and do well; you can contribute to society while being financially prosperous.

“We will create a flurry of excitement!” Chelsea Robinson says about what she expects the five weeks to be like. “20 young adults will be working together with world-class mentors to identify problems and design solutions for them.”

Robinson says she is excited about LIFEHACK Labs because it’s a place where new ways of thinking are going to be conceived, nurtured, and developed.

“You’ll be immersed in new people, new ways of working, new versions of your own future and confronted with a new, strong vision for New Zealand which you will build together, “Robinson continues. “It turns a light on in your mind and in your heart which will never turn off again. And this time you’ll go home with the tools and connections to create lasting impact in your community.”

Chelsea Robinson is a passionate advocate for women in leadership positions who believes that the supportive approach, often dubbed “feminine” or “weak,” can radically improve the quality of the work place.

“I am stepping up to help lead the Labs pilot program because we need to implement new ways of working which will move us beyond huge issues we are stuck on in our societies,” Robinson says.

“We’re stuck on ways of buying things we don’t need to make us feel better, ways of living where, unless a mentor sees potential in a young person they have to fight hard to find a role for themselves in the workforce, ways of learning sitting in rows, and ways of only celebrating one type of intelligence.”

Sam Rye, co-lead of LIFEHACK Labs, says that the initiative takes no equity in startups that come out of it, and no fees are charged, since they have received funding from the Ministry of Social Development.

Elizabeth Goodwin, Manager of SKIP at MSD, said, “LIFEHACK is different because we want to do more than develop products.

“We want to develop people’s confidence, experience and skills so they can continue to contribute to social good beyond the life of the project. And we want to make LIFEHACK a place where the contribution they make, whatever that is, builds their confidence and wellbeing.”

LIFEHACK will continue accepting applications from Kiwis until the 29th of June. 20 candidates will be selected, and the 5 weeks will start in early August.

You can apply now here.

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