NZE adds new Services staff, launches educational series

After almost 2 months of meetings, phone calls, and hour-long Skype sessions, we are finally proud to announce that we’ve revamped our Services arm, and that we will be creating a lot more educational content for entrepreneurs on NZE.


Called “Sessions,” our educational series will feature one expert every week who will answer a list of relevant questions around law, accounting, marketing, web development, and HR. The purpose of this series is to provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to solve some of the basic problems they’re having with their businesses.

The first set of Sessions will lay the groundwork for more advanced material later, and we hope it will save entrepreneurs from making a lot of mistakes by being able to quickly access a FAQ-style article whenever they want to.

You can check out the first Session, from Lucy Luo, a lawyer at Simmonds Stewart, here.

NZE Services

We’ve also made some additions to staff at NZE Services, and we’ll be profiling one member of our team on NZE every month or so.

Kate Giles, an experienced investor, advisor, and a former Sales & Marketing Director at Unisys, has joined NZE Services as a partner in the business. Kate will lead the marketing, coaching, and strategy consulting side of NZE Services with Mike Riversdale. Kate has been working in national and international business for the last 20 years, and the experience she brings with her is an invaluable asset, both to NZE Services and our clients.

Mike Riversdale was one of New Zealand’s first cloud tech entrepreneurs, with WaveAdept, a company that Mike co-founded and merged with multinational firm Cloud Sherpas, behind him as proof of his business ability. Mike is working at NZE Services as a growth strategy consultant, helping new and established companies to expand. Mike’s LinkedIn profile speaks for itself. Check it out.

On the digital, marketing, and PR side of things, we’ve added Jodi O’Connor, a previous employee of Xero, and long-time NZE supporter Henry McIntosh.

Jodi O’Connor went to university wanting to be a journalist, but by the time she graduated, she was hooked on startup culture. She landed a job at Xero working alongside Rod Drury to create content and promote the Xero brand, then moved onto a role at Training & Beyond in Christchurch. We don’t want to give away too much, as a profile on her is coming out on July 14th, 2014, but if there’s someone you want to trust with your brand, it’s Jodi.

Henry McIntosh went to the University of Otago and quickly became involved in New Zealand’s tech scene. After stints at Social Media NZ, iPhone New Zealand, and Sony, Henry went on to be Crossware’s marketing manager. Henry specialises in crafting creative marketing messages, campaigns, and content. What he does is seriously badass.

Of course Jose Mathias and Alana Nisbett are still heavily involved with NZE and NZE Services.

We’ve been doing a lot in the last 2 months!

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