WTF & Grant Sherson – Access Granted podcast ep8

The ever popular Access Granted podcast has just put up episode 8, “WTF & Grant Sherson from the Vision College school of ICT”

This week +Raj Khushal and I talk news and views whilst +Phid McAwesome from Hashtag ME has an interview with +Grant Sherson (Vision College school of ICT) to discover what we can do to stock up on iCT skills in New Zealand.

There’s a round-up of the news from Nethui and +Brenda W, MOD, +Phil Wheeler, +Clare Curran and even something tech from the +New Zealand Labour Party (don’t worry, we’ll have the other parties up in a special election tech policies discussion).

Amongst the events, news, interviews we also have an astounding fact from +Hadyn Green!

As always the show notes with all the links to the stories and more are at

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