Aamplify launches content marketing guide for B2B, startups

Aamplify, a digital marketing agency in Auckland, has released a content marketing guide for startups and businesses called Streetwise Marketing.

Samuel Williams, Managing Partner at Aamplify, says that it’s best to think of Streetwise Marketing like a book or a magazine, except it is published via a website. The resource contains a combination of insights around getting marketing traction using good content, as well as a practical guide to B2B export marketing.

“There is a lot of buzz around content marketing in the consumer space, but if you are a B2B start-up that needs to be marketed to the wider world, there is not a lot of guidance out there,” says Samuel.

“There is a fundamental difference between the business and consumer markets,” he adds, “one that has made it difficult for B2B businesses to take advantage of the new paradigm of online marketing.”

“In the B2C world the sales cycle is very short. A vendor points a motivated buyer to their website and the process ends with a purchase.” 

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As a result, Sam says a lot of the marketing tools and advice that is out there – such as Adwords and search engine optimisation – is geared towards achieving this type of instant gratification.

“The only thing the B2C marketer has to do is ensure their brand fights through the very cluttered world of online advertising. But it’s very different for B2B businesses.”

“When B2B businesses communicate they are typically talking about changing business processes for their customers. It’s less about instant gratification and more about showing how they can deliver value.”

The programme works by educating businesses on how they can use content to market their brands. Gone are the days of using technical approaches for ranking in Google, because the search giant now ranks quality content with the criteria being how genuine, shareable, and meaningful the content is to the reader.

Streetwise Marketing costs nothing – it is a free online community for startups and B2B organisations to join and start utilising the online tools.

“There will be online guides and eBooks to help organisations improve their content marketing strategy to start generating more inbound leads,” says Samuel.

If you’d like to get involved, visit streetwise.marketing or sign up for Aamplify’s breakfast seminar.

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