Cloud Cannon provides live content editing content on HTML / CSS websites

Months ago Mike Neumegen and George Phillips, co-founders of Cloud Cannon, were just two Dunedin lads hacking in their frigid bedrooms. Now they’re working with a $500 million investment in San Francisco.

Updating content on HTML and CSS files is challenging for non-coders, such as your typical website client. With Cloud Cannon, Mike and George have made it a process that lasts less than 60 seconds. The service requires no backend programming, fits in with the designer’s existing workflow, and from what I’ve heard from a developer using it, delivers a smooth client experience.

One of Cloud Cannon’s biggest features is its Dropbox integration. Developers add an HTML tag where they want the client to update the content then drag the website files into a Dropbox folder. Cloud Cannon syncs the files to their servers hosting the live website. The result? A client can login and update their content by typing directly on their website.

Cloud Cannon was one of the startups to go through Lightning Lab and receive investment. Although Mike did not want to disclose specific figures until the money was in the bank, he indicated that the investment they have received is north of the $450,000 that the company pitched for at Lightning Lab’s Demo Day 2014.

The investment will be used to launch Cloud Cannon in the valuable US market and to establish relationships with partners, customers, VC’s, and other influential people.

“Lightning Lab has been pivotal for us,” Mike said in an email from San Francisco.

“During the programme we evolved from two guys hacking in our bedrooms to full-blown entrepreneurs who are taking on the world. Before, we had no network. Now, we’re embedded in the startup scene in New Zealand and have contacts all over the world.”

The programme is intense and it takes its toll. Servers crash, investors say, ‘Yes, I’ll invest,’ only to pull out, long-shot cold emails actually get replied to.”

Mike says that he managed to tackle the instability by celebrating the small victories that the startup has. Instead of shifting their focus to the next challenge, celebrating small victories reminds them of the progress they’re making. It keeps morale high while navigating the minefield ahead.

It is clear investors believe in this team. Sam Bonney, former Programme Manager at Lightning Lab has joined Cloud Cannon to help with marketing, and Tim Neumegen, Mike’s brother, has been recruited as a cloud engineer.

“George, Sam, and Tim are all at the top of their game and push me to be better every day,” Mike says.

“Over the next year we’re building a product which stands against the giants in our field and a fanatical community of web designer deviants who can help us disrupt the web design industry.”

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