Lifehack Labs commences in Trade Me space

Lifehack Labs, New Zealand’s first pre-accelerator, launched it’s inaugural programme one week ago on August 15th. Participants from all over the country have gathered to work towards solving mental health problems in our youth through technology and entrepreneurship.

With skills in psychology, music, graphic design, UX, software engineering, youth work, and more, this group of 20 innovators is equipped to make a real difference for future generations, says co-lead Sam Rye.

“Our amazing mentor network will be supporting the Labs participants throughout their journey on a personal and professional level,” he said.  “We also have a range of mentors who will be delivering workshops and presentations which range from ‘What makes up Wellbeing?’ to Leadership Training, ‘Mental Health in the context of disasters and recovery’, ‘Meditation and Mindfulness’, ‘Music for Emotional Regulation’ and more.”

Participants in the 2013 and 2014 programmes and other similar initiatives from around the world have said that mentors are one of the most important parts of the experience, and Lifehack Labs has been set up to promote this point of interaction.  The close mentoring helps to probe, push and challenge the participants to take their ideas to the next level.

The Labs is being run in a space donated by TradeMe. The company said that they loved the cause, and loved the innovative use of technology to improve lives of people in NZ and around the world – helping support it through the space was the best thing they could do with it!

This collaboration will go beyond merely using the space, Sam says.

“They’ve kindly offered some staff to join us as mentors, and we’ll hope to find some other ways to work together throughout the Labs experience and into the future.

“We think the participants (and the Lifehack crew) will miss the slide when we have to leave the space at the end of September!”

Lifehack Labs began on Friday 15 August and will run for 5 weeks until The Celebration event on Thursday, 18th of September. NZE will cover the final day of the programme, so stay tuned for updates.

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