From Welly to the world: Conductor goes global

A Wellington-based startup called Eight Wire is changing the way that companies deal with big data, and today the company announced the launch of its data management tool, Conductor, into the US and global markets.

Big data is a term that’s thrown around frequently, but few people understand it. In normal people speak, big data is defined as a set of data that is too big for traditional management tools to handle. Big data is useful because it allows businesses to analyse every aspect of their operations, from customer targeting to performance.

Businesses may be able to recognise trends that they were previously not aware of, or they might notice a shift in their customer behaviour that they can capitalise on. In essence, big data is allowing companies to take their efficiency to surgical levels, and Conductor helps them do that by facilitating the flow of information and enabling massive transfers between cloud-based systems.

If you’d like to know more about big data, SAS did a very good article on the subject which you can read here.

Conductor has gained considerable traction in New Zealand with retail, manufacturing and health care customers, and Eight Wire is taking its tool to the U.S. with HUGEData, a Dallas-based firm, as a support partner.

The systems can be used and accessed from all over the world, said Jason Gleason, Director and Co-Founder of Eight Wire, but the platform is optimised for users in the U.S. This is because many of the companies working with big data are based in the U.S., and it made more sense to have the servers based in the same country. Eight Wire takes data sovereignty, security, and privacy very seriously, so by having U.S. servers, the data from U.S. companies never leaves the country’s borders. It’s also simpler for U.S. companies to deal with another U.S. entity.

The past few weeks and months have been spent laying the groundwork for the move into the US market, such as setting up support channels, distributors, and affiliates. Jason says that knowing what steps to take has been the biggest challenge for him so far, but he’s learning as he goes through trial and error.

“All over the world, admins and analysts are spending weeks building data feeds from scratch. This process is risky, time consuming and outdated,” says Jason. “Conductor compares source and destination data, maps it together and automatically fixes errors as it goes. Development costs can be lowered by 80% and support costs can be lowered by as much as 60% using Conductor.”

When it comes to using tools to manage sensitive data, businesses tend to be cautious when trying new products. Conductor has overcome this by offering a pricing structure that is suited to the way big businesses use the service. For example, a businesses can start off on one pipe for a few hundred dollars a month, and when they see its value, they can convert to an enterprise account which Jason says “is like an all you can eat buffet.”

Unlike current IT data management software that leverages powerful processing like Hadoop and layers in a fancy UI, Conductor resolves the core issues of effective data management. Through automating the majority of the effort required and removing the need for specialised knowledge, businesses are able to move data faster and respond quickly without requiring lengthy IT projects.

“Conductor is blazing fast. A recent customer moved 650 tables and 1 million rows in 15 minutes. The estimate of the effort required to manually build the data migration and integration solution was eight weeks,” says Jason.

The company is also set to do an investment round in the coming weeks, and this investment will be used to solidify their presence in the US market with new sales staff and at building integrations into the service.

Jason says that he sees Conductor being a platform that other companies can integrate with and build upon to offer a more complete set of tools to businesses who manage information.

Available on IBM’s Marketplace, Eight Wire offers individual and enterprise plans depending on the number of data rows being moved each month. Plans start as low as $200.

You can learn more about the company and register for a free trial here.

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