goRoster takes the pain out of everyday rostering

Business owners in the hospitality sector are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase revenues, especially now as the busy summer season approaches. One of the largest costs in hospitality businesses is wages, and we’ve discovered a tool that allows business owners to manage staff efficiently.

Called goRoster, the application consists of a deceptively simple user-interface layered onto a sophisticated software engine with features that help managers create rosters and communicate with staff.

Chris Tacon, CEO of goRoster, said, “When we spoke to your customers or potential customers, they all said that rostering was the most dreaded task of the week. It’s difficult to work out the cost of a roster mathematically on paper and nigh impossible to work it out in your head.”

“goRoster provides business owners with the ability to see where their wage costs are currently sitting and arms them with the tools to cut back on unnecessary costs, whilst enabling them to make more accurate budget forecasts.”

The app works by first employing a roster designer that the manager can use to visualise future work schedules. The costs for rosters are automatically calculated as they are built, which helps prevent cost blow outs.

goRoster will warn managers if an employee has requested leave for the period that’s being rostered for, and it will also show what the employee’s preferred work hours are. Many younger people are employed elsewhere or studying while working at hospitality jobs, and these two features help ensure that rosters are being created accurately and efficiently.

Once rosters are created, a push of a button communicates the roster to your employees by SMS and/or email.  The system automatically receives and collates responses, leveraging the managers ability to roster many staff easily.

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This provides two major benefits for business owners, Chris said. “Firstly, those that use goRoster save significant management time in both creating and communicating their staff rosters.  This means that staff know (and acknowledge) where and when they are working.  This prevents costly ‘no shows.’”

“Secondly, the business manager is able to foresee the true cost of their roster plan.  This allows costly ‘overstaffing’ errors to be avoided and also means analysis and control can be exercised over, what is normally, the business’s largest expenses: staff wage costs.”

The system was originally created when Global Office Limited, a software business in Christchurch that Chris owns, was approached by a local bar owner that had difficulty in managing staff rosters both from a logistics and costs perspective.  The bar owner operated multiple locations and each had similar problems.  It was recognised then that this solution was likely to be an attractive offering to other hospitality owners. 

goRoster is so intuitive because the people within the company thoroughly understand their customer’s needs and how their software can help them. Chris has been a life-long technology enthusiast and managed his own software development company, Global Office Limited, for 17 years before throwing his full weight behind goRoster, which was developed by Global Office. Olivia Brooks, the company’s in-house marketing coordinator, had worked in hospitality for eight years before joining the company.

The combination of Chris’s technical skills and Olivia’s insight into the industry has created a service that has a perfect product / market fit. And it’s not only hospitality businesses in that are finding this useful. Chris said that, although goRoster was built with cafes, bars, and restaurants in mind, companies around the world operating in the healthcare, stadia, and security industries are also using it to manage their staff.

goRoster plans to continue its rapid growth in both New Zealand and Australia in the near future, Chris says. The system is currently being integrated with several other downstream product providers including time and attendance, payroll, and business intelligence systems.

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