Marketing Comms, there’s an app for that

Showcase Workshop, a startup founded in Wellington in 2011, is helping companies to harness the power of the internet through their cloud-based app building tool for marketers.

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There are millions of consumer apps on the market today, and that has helped us to realise how useful mobile devices can be for business. But when it comes to apps within organisations, there’s still a lot of room for innovation. That’s where Showcase Workshop comes in.

“If you’re a marketing or communications manager,” says Showcase Workshop CEO Millie Jocelyn, “you probably spend a lot of time and money producing slide decks, videos, PDFs, and other digital content for your team.”

“Showcase Workshop gets that content onto your team’s mobile devices in an intuitive app format.  You can keep that content up to date with very little cost and effort. Your teams are empowered by being able to access the presentations and other information they need, very quickly.

“With the growing use of mobile devices in businesses, Showcase Workshop gives companies a simple way of managing the information that is used on those devices. The best part is you can do all of this without writing a single line of code!”

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The problem with PDF’s and PowerPoints is that they’re static files, and they’re not made for mobile. The way people work has shifted so that bulk of their information resides online, allowing complex problems to be analysed and solved through a smartphone or tablet screen. Showcase Workshop enables businesses to deploy real time information to their employees, without needing to hire a small army of developers to create an app that does this for them.

What makes Showcase Workshop different from everyone else, Millie says, is that they deliver a product that does exactly what it says it will do, and it seems as if their customers tend to agree. Companies like The Warehouse, Spark, and Z Energy are using the app to distribute sales presentations and videos, training modules, and operational information to their team’s mobile devices.

Millie’s company helps people be more productive through the use of technology, but she says that sometimes turning off technology can be the key to getting things done.

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“I find it’s really easy to get into a pattern of over-servicing your inbox,” she said. “Sometimes several hours can go by and I find all I’ve really done is answer a bunch of emails, many of which actually aren’t all that urgent or important.”

“Mornings tend to be my productive time, so and I’ve found recently that keeping my email notifications turned off in the mornings means I can kick the day off in a productive way rather than a reactive way.”

This manner of removing distractions must be working, because Showcase Workshop is going places. They’ve just announced a partnership with Vodafone Global Enterprise in the UK, and Millie is headed that way for the next three months to sip on tea, enjoy the cool temperatures of the British autumn, and to support the Vodafone sales team. This is one of the steps the company is taking to grow its international presence, particularly in the UK and Europe.

The Showcase Workshop service itself is getting upgraded in the near future too, Millie tells us. “We’re working on commenting within the apps so users can share ideas and best practice with others in their team.”

It’s refreshing to see yet another group of great people with a great company go global from Wellington. Who’s next?


  1. Femke says:

    Wow, the designs and illustrations on Showcase Workshop are so cute! I’m curious to know, who is your designer? 🙂

    1. Rona says:

      Hi Femke, Stun did the graphics for our website. They are awesome!

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