The Internet responds to #MoT

The last 4 weeks have been polarising for New Zealand politics. The timing of everything that’s happened is questionable and no one really knows who or what to believe anymore.

It’s almost as if our politicians are playing chess, but we’re the pawns, and Dotcom is a bishop or one of those horse-shaped pieces. He has more political power than the rest of us, but he can’t do anything directly because he’s not a New Zealand citizen. So yeah, he’s definitely one of the horse-shaped pieces.

It was amazing to see the Internet in New Zealand react to the revelations made last night. We’ve gathered some of the best tweets that we saw from the #mot and #momentoftruth hashtags.

Although we didn’t see any brands cashing in on the hashtag on social media, Diet Coke did have a product placement on the table, which is funny because, well, Dotcom is not exactly the best person to front a diet product.

Anyway, say what you will about Dotcom, but he sure knows how to hype an event.

And people were on top of their Twitter game last night.

Dotcom’s laugh was popular.

It was a bit sad to see Dotcom use this as an ad for his business. The truth is that money and politics go hand in hand. 

The Assange bit was just peculiar. Everyone got bored and started cracking jokes on Twitter. On top of that, his message was diluted by the fact that he’s an alleged rapist. Oh also, the drilling, knocking, and people running around behind him during his tedious speech.


There’s no denying the truth though. There’s a high chance that our government was collecting our metadata and analysing it.

Oh snap.

Then Dotcom tried to speak on behalf of the internet. Many people in tech didn’t like that.

This statement hit hard.

And this.

This is how we feel.

Seven Sharp didn’t care.

When it finished, no one really knew what to do next. Guy Williams summed it up pretty nicely.

This is true.

The information from Snowden and Greenwald was good, but the fact Dotcom was involved suggests an ulterior motive.

We want to know.

But much of last night wasn’t solid evidence. Looking at it another way, you could say a group of foreigners gathered a week before election time to bring down National.

These are the documents that were supposed to be the big reveal.

Either way, the fact that we have to even have this conversation is distressing. What have we allowed to happen to our country?! NZE has no political affiliation, but what we are interested in is privacy and freedom everywhere, especially on the internet.

What are your views?

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