A quick word with Short and Wide

Some people think that growing up means being serious, reserved, and despondent. Others think it means sprouting pubes. Anthony Niterl and George Harper Jnr of Short & Wide, don’t see a need to grow up at all.

Anthony and George began their careers as failed sportsmen. They both bore a passion for sports and broadcasting but things didn’t go as planned with either of their aspirations, Instead of resting on their laurels, they combined their interests and began filming interviews with Kiwi sportsmen and throwing them onto social media. Momentum picked up and they started developing an audience. They quickly realised their brand had potential and started approaching organisations to produce their content. Thus Short and Wide was born.

Short & Wide is a production company that endeavours to provide viewers with a high caliber of entertainment, specialising in social media, MCing of events, photography, digital media and content creativity.

“Everything has been funded out of our own pockets,” the two said, who do everything together, including interviews. “It has been a great learning experience. Plus, we always make sure we have a few pennies to wet the whiskers in the weekends.”

“We specialize in sports media, content creativity, and events production and hosting. We have a fantastic production manager, Laura Sargisson, who is experienced in all forms of production. We are currently working alongside NZ Cricket, Cheeky 9 golf and other sporting brands. We also dabble in our own social media entertainment.”

Short and Wide don’t do social media marketing. They do social media entertainment. They create conversations with people and engage them with banter. Check out their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat for examples of this.

Also, if you come across this particularly cute couple on Tinder and swiping right doesn’t work, that may be due to the fact that their account has been malfunctioning recently due to heavy traffic. No such issues have been reported on Snapchat.


Who said it couldn’t be done? @shortandwidenz are exploring all avenues of social networking. We are now on tinder! Good things come in twos. #shortandwidenz #doubletrouble @ashleysky @mirandakerr

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George and Anthony don’t really do work at Short and Wide, but they’re at it for sixteen hours a day and make a generous living from it. They don’t allow stress to hinder them; instead, they use their uplifting personalities as a valuable business opportunity.

I love meeting people who know what their assets are and find ways to monetise them. Of course, it hasn’t been an easy ride and luckily they had the right passengers with them to be able to navigate uncharted territory.

“There are always a few speed bumps along the way,” they told me, ” and learning how to run a business was tough straight out of University with media degrees. But we are lucky to have people who want us to succeed and have given us the inside scoop to steer us in the right direction.”

“We have found a lot of wisdom through asking people we respect for advice. There are always a lot of wiser people than us who are experienced and successful. We relish the opportunity to sit down, have a frothy, and chew their ear off whilst picking their brains on business.”

Short and Wide now offers a smorgasbord of production services, specialising in creating high-quality content to suit brands, companies, and individuals. Being equipped with TV quality camera equipment and a drone, they can attack video projects via ground, air, and water. The fun is never far away, as they also host and MC events, and create entertaining content for businesses social media.

“Our recent trip to Queenstown Winterfest saw us hosting the opening of American Express Night skiing on Coronet Peak and DB breweries Cabbies Dodge ball tournament,” they said. “We are killing two birds with one stone really by having our production company in the background while we sell ourselves as a brand. It’s a good way to work both production and creativity and or talent into one job!”

If you’d like to get in touch with Short and Wide, you can do so directly through their Facebook page, or by emailing shortandwidenz@gmail.com.

“Or if you would love to meet up for few wets,” they said, while audibly ordering another round, “don’t be shy to snapchat us or tweet us. We are always keen for a good time.” @shortandwidenz

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