Big Bangly: Affordable SEO for small businesses

A Parnell-based SEO company called Big Bangly has launched a new product they hope will give startups and small businesses in New Zealand a chance when it comes to optimising their websites for search engines.

The company is offering customers a 7 day free trial of its service which promises to “get you more action online.” Steven Male, the founder of Big Bangly, said that his company’s mission is to make it easier for other businesses to grow.

“We understand companies are limited by two things: capital and time, so we provide the analytics and information you need to make the biggest difference to your company’s bottom line without the unnecessary time consuming features and hefty fees,” he wrote in an email from Switzerland.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the practice of optimising web pages so that they rank higher for certain keywords in Google. There are a number of ways to do this organically by using content, backlinking, and good keyword placement to elevate a web page’s position on the search results page.

Companies offering similar SEO services have been around as long as search engines have been around, but Steven says that the big advantage of going with Big Bangly instead of any other SEO company is that Big Bangly understands what start-ups and small businesses want.

“As a business you need to know what the exact steps are that will provide the biggest impact on your profit but won’t take too much time, or cost too much money. That’s exactly what we provide,” he said.

In an age where everything is Googled, listing well on results pages is exceptionally important for businesses of any size to succeed. It’s one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get recurring qualified leads. Steven says that, despite its importance, many companies make mistakes in this field, particularly when it comes to putting themselves on the map on the internet.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business or an international business, there are many free services like Google Places, Yelp, FourSquare, and more that put your website straight to the top of the results page for local searches and searches about your business. On top of this they provide useful backlink juice for your website so it is a must!” he says.

Big Bangly’s pricing is designed to make it affordable for all companies to use their services. The first pricing level starts at at $97 a month and includes a fully personalised 30+ page report of your website performance, along with steps for website owners to follow that will boost the results they get online.

“This report consists of 30 tests on everything from how to improve your visibility on search engines (SEO) to simple but necessary tests such as ensuring there are no spelling mistakes,” Steven said. “On top of this you get an hour of consulting from one of our start-up experts on the key steps you need to take to massively improve your online performance and ultimately your revenue.”

The more expensive monthly plans allow for full customisability of the offering, from the number of reports received a month to the hours of consulting required.

Additionally, Big Bangly plans on releasing a free website analysis tool in the upcoming few weeks. Until then, they are offering a comprehensive 7-day trial.

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