A sneaky tactic by 7/11?

I love 7/11.

Where else can you take a date for $3?

A dollar for coffee and two for sushi, and in Melbourne there’s a store on every corner. A perfect date is never far away. I told my date that I could take her out for $3 and she said, ‘Yeah, at the cost of our relationship.’

It used to be $3. Now it’s $6 and dates are off the table.

7/11 ran a promotion for six weeks where sandwiches and sushi were $2 on Wednesdays.

The lines were long, all registers open at each store. At least 800 sandwiches were sold at each store on Wednesday, the attendant told me at 1. I had waited up until after midnight for a gold coin dinner.

This week the signs went away.

People still queued up, but the price was more than double. I watched them. After stomping their feet in line for seven minutes, they paid anyway and rushed off to work.

I dare say I detected smugness in the attendant’s voice when he explained that promotion ended last week.

It’s almost like he knew I didn’t want to embarrass my date.

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