What is the Vegetables Australia Facebook group?

Who snitched about Vegetables Australia, the Facebook group used to buy and sell drugs (also known as vegetables or vitamins) in Australia?

Picture is not of a farmer.

One of my favourite Facebook groups is in the news, and I’m not happy about it.

The Daily Mail reported on Vegetables Australia. Who tipped Leith Huffadine off?

Vegetables Australia is one of my favourite Facebook groups because on it you can buy anything from a pound of broccoli to enough hay to keep a stable of horses happy for a month. For those of you who are good people, that means a pound of weed and enough heroin to keep two men and three women nodding for five days. There’s also other veggies available like MDMA, LSD, my friend DiMiTri, Xanax, Codeine, Ice, Coconut powder, Special K – it’s basically a farmers market and I love going to the farmers market.

The group is safe if you’ve got a bit of G in you. After Leith snitched to the Daily Mail, the group was flooded with scammers who speak the lingo and know the prices, but when you’re going to pick up they want to be paid in Steam gift cards or bitcoin. What kind of farmer tells you to go to Coles and buy gift cards to pay for veggies? A G knows it’s cash only.

A few dealers have taken the money and run, or ‘by mistake’ mixed up the coconut powder and the baking soda in their cupboard. That’s when the shitposting starts., which makes it relatively self-policing but Vegetables Australia would improve significantly if admin removed dishonourable farmers.

Screenshot Justice

I’m more concerned about Facebook shutting it down than Police infiltrating. Many low volume trades are difficult for Police to target. Facebook has previously shut down similar groups like this one in Adelaide or this one in the UK. Thankfully there are many farmers markets out there! It seems like what Police can do, in New Zealand at least, is monitor a profile and determine whether or not you are a part of the group. They then send you a warning that you are being watched.

In an intelligent world, this market would be legalised and regulated. Most drug users would gladly pay taxes on drugs if the government could ensure what they choose to put into their bodies regardless of regulation is pure. In lieu of that, this forum serves the market well.

I found out about it after the communal weed bank in our apartment ran out. I was sleeping on the floor at the time and had holes in my legs that would ooze puss and blood. I didn’t have Medicare and couldn’t go to a doctor. I could barely walk. A very able-bodied young man that I lived with named Wahil was a UK backpacker and knew about it. He said he ‘would have loved to go pick up but couldn’t because of his visa’, so he sent me limping away to get three grams. He told his guy what I was wearing and when I walked through Belgrave Park in Sydney, a dude with no teeth whistled me over and slid me the kale. He smelled my leg, gave me two free codeines and called me nasty.

Ever since then, I’ve been a regular at the farmers market.

Not many people know this but in early 2017, Belgrave Park near Central Station in Sydney was a fucking farmers market. There would be a guy with a backpack on every bench in the park dropping veggies arranged over Messenger, Wickr or Snapchat. People would travel from as far as Paramatta and Ryde to stroll through Belgrave Park. One day someone on Ice ruined it for all of us and they moved a security shack in. The guards make a lot of eye contact. Most stalls are empty now.

Vegetables Australia is a great farmers market to the take the family to on Sundays, but it’s not the best way to move product. Back in my day when I had a little extra I needed to get rid of, I’d do what I do best and marketinbg on social media.

I would create a Tinder profile and set the distance range to 20 km.

Picture: Ripe buds, Name: Mary Jane, Age: 21, BIO: Snapchat and instructions, Into: Men and Women

Mary and Robert Jane were great at sales.

They were discreet too. Mary and Robert never made it to the news.

Vegetables Australia shouldn’t have either.

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