Definite scam discovered at coffee shop

I have discovered one of the biggest scams running at the moment, but no one protests it.

I wrote about a possible scam discovered at my favourite coffee shop, 7/11.

Since then the glory days have passed and the Gloria Jeans days have begun.

I have been forced to retreat into rural territory, country where 7/11’s are devastatingly absent, and while I bitterly hand over $3.50 at the register now, my scam detection abilities are undeterred.

During my latest visit to Ms Jeans’, I sniffed out a terrible scam. I am heartbroken to realise 7/11 is guilty of it too.

It is the large coffee.

“Do small and large coffees have one shot of espresso in them?” I asked the barista. She was blonde and it was Sunday.


“So what’s the $2 difference for?”

“More water”

She tried to laugh off further questioning and I dropped it under pressure from the line behind me.

I agree to a minor surcharge, perhaps $0.10 to account for the cost of heating that water and for the barista to continue pouring it for an extra two seconds in a rented establishment. But $2? That is a scam; alert the ACCC.

The difference between a large and a small coffee would buy me two coffees at 7/11. This is even true at the rates they charge!

This discovery has somewhat tainted 7/11’s pristine image. At 7/11, there are no staff. The only cost is of heating the water in a rented establishment. $1 per 100 ml of heated water is gross exploitation.

Let us not dwell on society’s ugly side.

This scam can be avoided by asking for a small coffee with extra hot water.

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