A study on human ability to apply logic when crossing the road

The logic of crossing the road is simple:

If the light on the road parallel to the direction you are walking on is green, and it is not the case that there is a green arrow, then the light on the road you are crossing will be red, and it is safe to cross the road.

There are alternative rules in different countries, like India, where this one is commonly observed:

If it is true that you estimate less than five injuries will be sustained while crossing any road, then it is safe to walk.

But in Australia, the first rule is the basic logic.

There are advanced rules for the nimble-minded…

And then there are some who ignore signs altogether and just walk. I count myself among these. We are extraordinary pedestrians.

The rest of you wait for the government’s hand when crossing the road, rather than memorising and applying that simple logic. It is inconceivable!

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