The Acid Chronicles, Chapter 1: The Acid is Good

A few days after that fateful night, comedian Adam el Horri came up to me and started laying it on thick.

“I’m pretty sure that Uber driver is traumatised,” he said. “Nice guy. Didn’t speak much English. Oh yeah, also my mum and grandma are still in shock. I tried to kill them with a piece of glass. A whole ward of nurses and two paramedics are distressed and three police officers are disturbed.”

“Oh so we’re playing the blame game …What does this have to do with me?”I asked.

“Remember how you gave me three double-dosed tabs of acid?”

“Yeah, you’re welcome.”

“Well you told me to take all three of them because I hadn’t felt anything after an hour, right? And then I came to hang out and smoke some weed with you. But then you put me in an Uber to go home. That’s when I went fully psychotic.”

I started laughing.

“Man that’s crazy. What happened?”

“It’s not funny!” he said. “I could have died! That’s what the hospital said. I could have died!”

“Welcome to comedy bro!” I bellowed and slapped him on the back.

He did not share my attitude.

“You wouldn’t have died off 540 micrograms,” I told him. “They’re just trying to put the fear of god into you.”

“Nope, they said I took a toxic dose. And they had to restrain me because I kept taking the cops’ guns out of their holsters.”

“Holy shit bro! You did almost die. If this was America you’d be dead right now. Pop pop, you’re gone bro. What the fuck man!”

“I know. I started smashing windows and threatening to murder my family with one of the shards.”

“Dude what the hell.”

“I know!”

“Why didn’t you take the sedative I gave you?”

“My family thought they were more drugs! I told them Jose had given me a sedative but they didn’t believe me. They said, ‘Jose is not real! He’s all in your head. You made him up!’ I started arguing with them. And then they lied to me! They said, ‘It’s fine, Jose is real. He was here just a few hours ago but he had to leave to go to work.'”

I was clutching my sides along with everyone else who was listening to the story.

“Bro that’s crazy.”

Adam continued with the thirty-minute version. For once in his life, an audience had formed around him. It was slightly unbelievable and so was his tale of terror and destruction, littered with embellishments. I even had my two-minute interjection. It became a performance.

“Did you learn something about yourself?” I asked him.

“Yes, and I feel like me and my family are closer because of it.”

“That’s good. So it was worth it?”

“Yeah. So can I get some more?” he asked.

“No way. Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I just want to do one though. I liked it until I started going crazy.”

“You’re 18. It’s not my decision to make. But if you do drop it, I’ll drop it with you.”

That’s how I came to be dropping a tab of acid in the TV room of my hostel a few nights later.

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