I’ve got a tab running at 7/11

Y’all probably think that because I have a little money now I no longer fucks with the 7/11. Y’all would be wrong.

Back when I was a registered member of BANA (Broke-Ass Nigga Association), I hit up 7/11 on Twitter with an offer I felt was too good for them to refuse. I gave them the opportunity to jump on some hot local talent before I blew up and they passed it up, which is disappointing for them. I proposed that I would get a tattoo of the 7/11 logo in exchange for free coffee for life.

Don’t think that their lapse in decision-making has tempered my appetite for $1 coffee. Quite the opposite.

Now that I’ve been kicked out of BANA for paying membership fees, I’ve set up a tab at 7/11. At any 7/11 in Australia, I am able to put the essentials on my tab: Tally-Hos, tobacco, lighters, water, coffee, nuts, condoms and chocolate. Anything I need, I put it on the tab and that’s how I stay looked after.

Set up a tab for yourself today by going into your favourite 7/11 store and paying for goods using cash or credit or debit.

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