Video of Jose Mathias at Spleen

I decided to put this up even though (or especially because) it will burn the material, which will mean I can’t do these jokes anymore.

It wasn’t the best gig I’ve ever had, but I still had a lot of fun. This was at Spleen Bar, which I go to every Monday just to watch because it’s always such a good show. Every week they put an up and comer up. Last week they had my mate Alessio Carducci, who had a KILLER set but won’t post it publicly. And Sam Gebreselassie, who also crushed but won’t put it up because he thinks he’s not good enough. They’ve had Adam El Horri too but he doesn’t give a fuck so he put it up. Adam Freedom, look him up.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to get up in this room. Thank you Paul Sharplin and Karl Chandler.

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